High Performance Liquid Mulch Colourants Since 2003.

EcoColours® provides consistent, enriched colours that perform well under harsh seasonal weather climates and environments.

Now with no minimun orders. Available in 1000 L (275 gal) IBC Totes and 208 L (55 gal) Drums.

mulch colourant

Mulch Colourant Reimagined.

EcoColours® are available in 9 standard colours for easy selection. Each colour has been analysed in a lab environment and tested out in the ‘field’, resulting in consistent, vivid and rich colour depth.

EcoColours® understands that not all customers need to buy mulch colourants to stock for the entire season, that is why EcoColours® offers customers nationwide ‘no minimun’ quantites on all orders.

Proudly researched, developed and manufactured in Canada.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly formulation.
  • 9 easy to choose from colours with custom colours available.
  • Available direct from manufacturer with no minimun on order.
  • Uses recycled and refurbished packaging.
  • Canadian researched and developed technology.
  • No special requirements for switching to EcoColours®.
  • 17+ years of experience developing and manufacturing mulch coatings.
  • EcoColours® are mulch colourants made to order.
  • Samples available upon request for testing purposes only.
Available for shipping Nationwide and Internationally.
mulch colourant canada