Sunrise Yellow Mulch Dye

EcoColours® Sunrise Yellow mulch dye is a professional product to be used in commercial manufacturing of decorative landscape mulches.

Locally sourced raw materials with high performance additives and environmentally friendly formulation to create a yellow colourant that will cover and saturate all types of recycled wood waste.

Sunshine yellow commercial colourants

Developed to withstand and outperform the Canadian weather system and seasonal environments. EcoColours® tried and tested formulation is designed to withstand the elements, from a hot sunny summer day to a freezing cold winter rain or snow storm.

Our 17+ years of experience manufacturing liquid mulch colourants has allowed us to perfect the balance between economical production yields for mulch manufacturers and seasonal long lasting product performance. EcoColours® uses advanced rheology additives, product stabilizers and performance enhancing additives specific to real world product application.

* Mulch sample colour images shown on our website are intended as a representation of the final product. Due to variables outside of our control, i.e. type of wood fiber used in production and your monitor/screen colour settings – there may be slight variations.

yellow mulch dye

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Type: Liquid Concentrate

Pack: 275 gal IBC Tote, 55 gal Drum