EcoColours® Earth Black

EcoColours® Earth Black mulch dye is a professional grade liquid concentrated decorative wood fiber coating that is used in the colouring process of decorative landscape mulches.

EcoColours® Earth Black combines locally sourced raw materials with high performance additives and environmentally friendly formulation to create a rich black mulch dye that will cover and saturate all types of recycled wood waste and natural wood supplies.

Black mulch dye – Black mulch colourant

Developed to withstand the seasonal Canadian weather. EcoColours® formulation is designed to withstand the elements with seasonal performance, tried and tested for hot sunny summer days to freezing cold winter rain and snow storms.

Our experience manufacturing liquid mulch colourants has allowed us to find the perfect the balance between economical production yields for mulch manufacturers and seasonal long lasting product performance for customer satisfaction. EcoColours® uses advanced rheology additives, product stabilizers and performance enhancing additives specific to real world product application and market expectations.

* Mulch sample colour images shown on our website are intended as a representation of the final product. Due to variables outside of our control, i.e. type of wood fiber used in production and your monitor/screen colour settings – there may be slight variations.

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Type: Liquid Concentrate

Pack: 275 gal IBC Tote, 55 gal Drum