Available Colours

EcoColours® is a range of environmentally-friendly liquid dispersion mulch colourants, for use during the manufacturing process of coloured decorative landscape mulches.

EcoColours® range of 9 standard colours: Earth Black Mulch Dye, Earth Brown Mulch Dye, Chestnut Brown Mulch Dye, Red Mulch Dye, Burgundy Red Mulch Dye, Harvest Gold Mulch Dye, Sunrise Yellow Mulch Dye, Earth Green Mulch Dye and Earth Blue Mulch Dye. Custom colours are available upon request.

Earth Black Mulch Dye

Earth Brown Mulch Dye

Chestnut Brown Mulch Dye


Ember Red Mulch Dye

Burgundy Red Mulch Dye


Harvest Gold Mulch Dye

yellow mulch dye

Sunrise Yellow Mulch Dye

* Mulch sample colour images shown on our website are intended as a representation of the final product. Due to variables outside of our control, i.e. type of wood fiber used in production and your monitor/screen colour settings – there may be slight variations.