About EcoColours®

Mulch Colourant Canada

EcoColours® Vibrant eco-friendly mulch colourants.

EcoColours® invites you to review our exclusive range of coloured mulch dyes. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of high performance liquid mulch colourants in Canada.

Tried and tested in a variety of weather environments. Experience over the years has resulted quality perfected formulation, that strikes the right balance of cost and production output efficiency and seasonally lasting, quality, vivid finished mulch products.

Specialized Canadian Coatings Manufacturer.

EcoColours® comes direct from specialized Canadian coatings manufacturer of environmentally-friendly, high-tech dispersions, resins and coatings that are used in commercial, industrial and architectural applications.

EcoColours® mulch dye products are available to all existing or new commercial manufacturers of decorative landscape mulches at a competitive price. There is no difficulty in switching over from other suppliers of liquid mulch colourants. Support Mulch Colourant Canada, from an environmentally conscious manufacturer with high-performance mulch dye coating technologies.

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